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GK International Services is your one-stop solution for immigration and visa procedures of different countries like Canada, Australia, New-Zealand and U.S.A and European countries. We provide immigration assistance for different countries across the globe. We have a sole purpose of helping people to fulfill their immigration goal & dream destination.

GK International Services ensures the highest professional standards are adhered to at all times in each case. We work towards saving the time, efforts and your worth money by proactively working on the visa process and give best services to our clients, timely and make visa process smooth and stress-free.

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Study Visa
We provide path for students who have a wish to pursuit their study in foreign universities/colleges.
Permanent Residency
We have sole aim to guide student for their best future so they have not face any problems in future.
Career Counseling
We have sole aim to guide student for their best future so they have not face any problems in future.
IELTS Training
GK International Proudly says that it is one of those good IELTS training centers in Chandigarh, Punjab

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